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Friday, July 4, 2014

Married and Complete

I wrote this at the beginning of June but life is busy when buying a house so I have only had a chance to share it now.

One year now I have been married. It's been forever and only just begun. I'm complete, I've been made whole and yet I've always been whole. I can not believe it has been a year already and yet it seems we have been married forever. Our wedding day was at once a huge change and no change at all, the completion of me and making of my life into the whole piece it was supposed to be. Of course it meant that he didn't have to go home to his family every night, and we had to start planning how to share everything we own, and the list could go on. But it still seemed there was not much of a change. I've never once looked back or regretted the choice to marry my amazing husband. It was not even a choice at all really, more of a certainty that we would have our happily ever after.

My husband cares for me, entertains me, loves me, and gives me a smile when I have none left of my own. He is someone to tease, care for, pray for, and love with my whole heart. He has patience for my annoying ways and makes sure that I have fun instead of working too hard. He even argues with me now, which is a good thing. I have a check and balance and know that he will offer his opinion or an extra bit of logic before I do something foolish or against his wishes. When I think of this past year I am pleased that in the highs and lows he never left my side and was always right where I needed him, supporting me. I'm blessed with this wonderful husband, this feeling of completeness, and this knowledge that I will never even consider leaving him, that we are bonded in a way that we could never break, and that he feels the same. We might make mistakes and become angry with one another but our bond always draws us back to forgiveness and repentance for any wrong doings. No matter how against an idea my husband is he will always hear me out and let me know if my side makes sense as well.

He takes care of me, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Every morning at home he makes me breakfast and on work days packs my lunch. Such a simple service that I could do but it brings me such joy and shows so much of his caring love when he does it. He is always ready with a comforting hand at the slightest sign of a tear or sadness from me and is my favourite shoulder to cry on. Always gentle, he does not judge my reasons for tears and tries to help me see the sunshine again. I once thought that I had clean language but my husband catches any slips that squeak their way out and is a gentle reminder to keep my speech pure. He always reminds me to pray before meals if I were to forget and lets me know special facts about the church that I did not know before. What a gift and blessing this man is to me.

I can't wait for our children to have him as their dad. He will without a doubt be a great father. He will be a great guardian of their safety I know, just in the way he tries to keep me safe and worries for the safety of other children we see if their parents turn their backs for a moment. I know he will guard their  hearts and minds fiercely as he often grows worried about things kids learn in school or from other people. He will be able to teach them things that I never could, like sports, singing, a love of history, and his own way of knowing and loving God. I know we will be a great team in this as we have different but complemeting sets of knowledge and interests. Besides we already work as a great team in preparing our home for the coming of baby.

I pray that many others in the world might experience the same joy, completeness, and certainty in their marriage vocation.

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