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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Four doodles

I don't think my art is anything special, or even really passable as an adult's handiwork. But I'm OK with that. When I get the time and inspiration, I doodle regardless of how grown up it looks when I'm finished. These I drew on an iPad mini using a stylus and the app Penultimate. I think many people don't doodle because they have 'no artistic ability' by their own judgement. It doesn't take artistic ability to make a fun doodle. The doodle doesn't have to be shared with anyone, the benefit is in the relaxation and fun of doodling it. So here are my doodles, and my wish is that you might be encouraged to doodle too.

My posture has been slowly declining, and I have found the reason. I drew a little doodle while thinking about how this happened. In high school I had no lap top and was thus required to sit correctly (for the most part) in a desk chair by a desk. In college I got my laptop and was no longer confined to a desk. Instead I could lounge about on couches and chairs, but still for the most part sitting is the easier way to operate such a device. Now I have a smart phone at long last (have had one for a few years but not until I graduated college) and I am no longer even required to sit in order to operate such a device comfortably, which results in long hours of laying in bed or lounging in whatever poor postured position I desire. Good or bad? A very hard question to answer. I'm comfortable in the moment, and love the advances in technology. 

The customer at work has a team of people who decide on the requirements for the app we are writing for them. They named themselves the Tiger Team, so I drew a word art to fit the title during one of our meetings.

An image and message that popped into my head. The bible asks a similar question but I thought it was fun to put it to a doodle.
My coworker had a 42nd birthday party, themed Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy of course. Drew a doodle of the book cover alien. 

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